Welcome to Swine Bros. BBQ! 

2014 proved to be another great year for BBQ.  We have cooked 3 hogs, done a contest and are proud of our products.  We judged a few contests and will be judging one more this year. 

2013 has been a great year for Q...no competitions this year, but a lot of R&D for our swine and bovine!  We will be ready to hit a couple of events in the spring.  In the meantime, we got certified as KCBS judges, hosted another legendary Swinefest and perfected some recipes. 

2012 we had a great the "Naptown BarBayQ!"  Overall, Swine Bros. BBQ finished 23/41.The highlight of the weekend was when we were called to the winners' stage to accept the check for his 5th place finish in the Peoples' Choice event. We made "logs." They are a bacon weave coated in BBQ Rub, stuffed with sausage and cheese and topped with BBQ Sauce.

With that 5th place finish, we checked off two bucket list items:
#1 Someone paid us $ to BBQ and drink beer.
#2 Since we used our homemade BBQ Sauce and Rub, the transitive property now allows us to say that we have "award winning" BBQ Sauce and Rub!

Check back soon for "Award Winning" Rubs, Sauces and Accessories!